Borrow Cash
with your NFT

Borrow ETH by using your NFT as collateral. Lend and earn for providing liquidity on the marketplace.

Borrow with your NFT

Get a loan by using your NFT asset as collateral. Stater allows you to leverage the value of your NFT without losing ownership.

Become a lender and earn

Provide liquidity on our NFT lending platform and earn a share of the interest rate. Become a lender today!

Delivering a true multi chain experience.

Our NFT lending platform is available on multiple network integrations for maximum flexibility and the best user experience.

Product Roadmap

2021 Q1
Product Launch
2021 Q2
Lydian update
2021 Q3
Corinthian update
2022 Q1
Lending automation
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Community Governance

Use STR to vote and propose new features and uptades.
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