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Introducing the Stater NFT Collectible

Stake Stater NFT and unlock discounts when you borrow or lend on our platform. HODL it and receive community drops and other exclusive perks in our ecosystem. Level up your NFT game!

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Unlock Your Superpowers with Stater NFT Collectible

More than a lending platform for NFTs, we have created our own limited series of utility NFT assets. Check them out and see which one fits you the most. Your Stater NFT can unlock discounts when you lend or borrow, community airdrops for simply holding them and other perks within our ecosystem.

Stake Stater NFTs on the Stater NFT lending platform and receive 50% discount from interest rate fee as a borrower and 50% from loan amount fee as a lender.

Level-up your NFT game

Become a part of our ecosystem with the Stater NFT.


Stake Stater NFTs on our lending platform.


Earn community drops and exclusive perks in our ecosystem.


Unlock fee discounts on borrowing and lending.


What can I do with Stater NFT?

You can stake it on the Stater Lending platform in order to receive fee discounts for borrowing or lending or hodl it and receive community drops and other perks inside our ecosystem.

Where can I buy Stater NFT?

You can buy it on Rarible here:

Always make sure to double check the correct contract address: 0x4100670ee2f8aef6c47a4ed13c7f246e621228ec

Can I stake multiple Stater NFTs on the lending platform?

No, you can only stake 1 Stater NFT in order for the fee reduction to apply.

Where can I find updates on tokenomics?

You can always check out our documentation at

What happens if I hold the old Stater NFT?

If you have the old Stater NFT (Community Edition or Founder’s Edition), you will automatically be upgraded to the new version! You will receive the new version in the wallet address where you have the old one.

Where can I find the old NFTs?

The new NFTs have been moved on our own smart contract but you will be able to check the old ones at:

Check them out on Rarible